This program helps companies take advantage of the Dept. of Commerce/VA’s on the job training initiative. a program that empowers vets to take advantage of the GI Bill by going directly into the workforce. This is an attractive program for employers not only because it shows the world their commitment to creating opportunity for vets,  but it also adds to their bottom line through a reimbursement made available through the VA.

VA On the Job Training Fact Sheet

VA Special Employer Incentives (SEI)

VR&E representative, please visit your local VA Regional Office.

You may also call 1‐800‐827‐1000.

NCWorks Apprenticeship

NCWorks Apprenticeship helps workers learn new specialized skills needed in today’s workforce through its apprenticeship programs.

How It Works

Apprentices train for an industry by receiving a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Participants are paid for their work, and their wages will increase as they progress in the program.

Apprentices work as they complete their classes; their work schedule will be determined by their respective employers. When they graduate, apprentices will receive a Certificate of Completion and will have earned the highly skilled “journey worker” designation. The program can last one to five years, depending on the occupation.

Employers work with NCWorks Apprenticeship to create a written agreement that specifies the length of a participant’s training, the related technical instruction, an outline of the skills that person will need to learn, and the wages he or she will earn. The N.C. Department of Commerce must approve this agreement before apprentices can start their training.


Veterans can continue to supplement their income through the GI Bill while they are employed as part of an apprenticeship program.

For More Information

Participants must be employed by the company that establishes an apprenticeship program. If your business is interested in building an apprenticeship program, they can call 919-814-0303, or

The bureau offers youth apprenticeship and a pre-apprenticeship program for youth and adults.

The FAQ page has answers to general questions about the apprenticeship program.