In 2013, Veterans made up nearly ten percent of the market for new homes despite only accounting for nine percent of the entire civilian population (2013 Census Bureau). Vets2Vets is seeking donors, architects, engineers, construction experts, financing partners and government organizations to help advance our vision of sustainable climate responsible high density housing for disabled veterans. We want to add a mixed use component to complete this community vision. We hope to build our first development in Asheville, North Carolina. Our vision includes:

  • High density project to help preserve Western North Carolina’s limited bottom, riperian and agricultural lands
  • A mixed use development to include anchor shops, light industrial, live-work, fresh food markets, community garden
  • Hybrid solar, high R value construction materials, energy & water conservation sytems, sustainable construction methods & hypoallergenic interior materials
  • Handicap accessible housing
  • Access to public transportation
  • Proximity to Charles George Veterans Administration Hospital

Check out the many examples of community based veteran communities that are being built around the country. Click here.

To learn more call (828) 394-1613

To donate contact Candice Matelski at or click here.