Veterans Xcelerated

Veterans Xcelerated or VetX is a planned sustainable business development veteran driven incubator dedicated to empowering under served communities. We have a special emphasis on helping veterans, minorities and women in response to climate change. Our principles are aligned with the practice of eR/sR – environmental Responsibility and social Respect.

Veterans Xcelerated or VetX is dedicated to a portfolio of business interests that include: high density green mixed use developments, hemp market developments, innovative information technology, alternative health care and sustainable franchises. We are dedicated to empowering our constituents by accelerating the growth and success of our spin-off entrepreneurial companies. We will provide a suite of business support resources and services that will include physical space, patient capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections.


  • We design, develop, capitalize and manage veteran owned pioneering sustainable companies.
  • Our spin-off companies will be based on ideas that innovate on how people, planet and prosperity are balanced in their daily lives.
  • We commit to treat our employees, companies, partners, and communities with complete fairness, respect, and excellence.
  • We will reach out to minorities, veterans and women and to empower them with sustainable opportunities: green home ownership, sustainable farms and socially conscious and environmentally responsible business ownership.
  • Based on the principles of social equity we will entertain cooperative ownership, B Corporations and Employee Stock Ownership Models with all our spin-off ventures.

Climate Change Response

We are working with scientists and researchers on not just leveraging climate based big data but how that data is communicated and acted upon across all sectors of society. From government to local communities our veteran inspired twingravity start-up will leverage specialized algorithms in the pursuit of unraveling the climate big data challenge.


Hemp Market Developments

North Carolina’s recent legalization of industrial hemp has prompted Veterans Xcelerated or VetX’s George Washington Hemp 4 Hero’s venture to develop the reintroduction of this historic American agricultural commodity into products such as natural fiber, fuel, food and medicines. We are working with EnviroTextiles, LLC a woman owned textile developer and America’s oldest importer of hemp fabrics to ensure the agricultural supply chain from farm to loom. Veterans Xcelerated or VetX is assisting EnviroTextiles with spin-offs focused on American Hemp apparel development. 


HEMP -4- HEROS Project

Hemp 4 Hero’s – is a project of Veterans Xcellerated that exists to help Veterans achieve health and sustainability.

We are seeking to become an S-Corporation or pass through entity, so that we can offer Veterans the maximum benefit at a minimum cost and so we can share resources. Sharing resources is an important aspect of organizational growth that engages and cultures a positive spectrum paradigm shift in which many foundational aspects of healing and awareness are achieved.

As an S-Corporation exempt through a 501c3, Hemp 4 Heroes, can claim tax benefits in the form of credits that can be used to create Veteran Scholarships to grow hemp anywhere that is strategically feasible.

Many people associate Hemp with Marijuana. While Marijuana has multitudes of medical benefits, it has a negative stigma in the eyes of some. Our focus will be on the fact that Hemp only maintains positive properties, and none of the negative “associated” properties of marijuana.

Our goal is to Incorporate Hemp -4- Hero’s and find Member/Mentors who have a passion to help veterans achieve health and sustainability. From there we will help them create a Veteran Hemp Training Program (VHTP) which will give Veterans all the necessary knowledge and resources to begin Healing with Hemp in a legally sustainable aspect.

Veterans Xcelerated maintains relationships with a large multifaceted group of Hemp Xperts who will walk Veterans through the business development aspect. Veterans will go from Hemp Novice to Apprentice and then receive a grant to start their own Franchise to Farm program. Veterans will use the acquired knowledge to administer a simple hemp farm facilitate additional spin off organizations.  Veterans will receive all the necessary supports from Hemp -4- Hero’s to begin a successful Hemp Industry Campaign.

 Hemp is the most sustainable agricultural crop known to man.

Hemp can be used in construction. An entire habitable dwelling can be made using Hemp.

hemp house

The above home is made entirely from Hemp. All the walls, floors, plastic components, plasters, wool, mattings and mixtures. The structure is a bio-compositional antimicrobial insulate.


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Innovative Information Technology

Our GreenCities venture will assists in the market transformation towards sustainability by organizing a ICTM3 (Information, Communication, Technology, Marketing, Media, Management) venture. GreenCities has four phases that include the development of plugins that facilitate SEC compliance in crowd funding and capital raising targeting unqualified investors leveraging new rules – Regulation A+. Our second phase includes the creation of a government and business cooperative procurement portal providing the best cost of sustainable goods and services. Our third phase includes the development of a global network of graduate journalism, sustainability and economics students who participate in a television and web broadcast of a daily “Bloomberg” style news hour focused on sustainable financial markets and community innovation.

Alternative Health Care

Focused on PTSD and Cancer Healing Modalities, Veterans Xcelerated or VetX will launch a series of clinical trials that might provide how natural plants aid in the relief of these symptoms. Veterans Xcelerated or VetX will be focused on organizing capital and relationships with leading medical universities to advance the replacement of harmful synthetic pharmaceuticals with low impact natural medicines.

Sustainable Business Ownership

Looking toward assisting women, veterans and minorities in owning their own businesses and/or cooperative ownership. We are working with BeanTrees Coffee in establishing a veteran focused business franchise that anticipates the national decriminalization of marijuana and the creation of a locally owned Generation Y &Z focused community cafe franchise with a healthy and sustainable menu.