Veteran Suicide Prevention

If you are a Veteran and are thinking about taking your own life, contact these Hotlines working for Veteran Suicide Prevention

VA Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Hotline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Stop Soldier Suicide – 1-800-273-8255 #1

There are 22 Veteran Suicides Every Day

That is about 9,000 former service members each year we are losing to Veteran suicides. We have to ask themselves why? Why would Americans that enlist and fight for their country want to take their lives in such high numbers?  

These men and women volunteered and fought for our freedom.  They are not getting the services they deserve after returning home from war.  The military can and must do better by them.

VHVA Asheville Division seeks to bring clarity to the Veteran suicides problem. We have a Veteran to Veteran crisis hotline, which serves to bring responsiveness and transparency to Veterans, providing understandings and options about the possible bio-physiological imbalances that are likely causing them to feel the way they feel, and helping them to become aware of how they can take back control of the way they interpret their 5 senses in the world around them.   Salvation for Soldiers Lifeline for Veterans, has been in operation since 2015, operated by competent fellow Veterans who understand the barriers to clarity. It all starts helping the Veteran grasp higher awareness. We seek to help the Veteran figure out the root cause of their negative feelings and contribute the tools necessary that may initiated a positive change in the Veterans quality of life.


There are other Veteran hotlines out there, but this is the only one where Veterans can gain remarkable insights into the root exploration of perceived emotions through a unique bio-physiological reintegration model. This Vet-to-Vet model that focuses on internal alignments is dramatically more effective than other programs in helping Veterans in crisis.  We have an immense desire to get these Veterans back on the path to a prosperous reintegration back to civilian life.

Many Veterans are dealing with multiple issues that put them at risk for becoming suicidal. We are asking for your help.   Please make a donation today to help stop the 22 Veteran Suicides per day.