Female Veterans

American Women Veterans

American Women Veterans is the nation’s preeminent, non-partisan, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of servicewomen, veterans and their families. We welcome veterans and supporters from all eras and branches of service.

~ Engaging and advocating for new or improved policies that improve the lives of women veterans and our families

~ Sponsoring retreats, conferences and symposiums focused on empowering our members and our communities

~ Conducting outreach campaigns to raise awareness among service women and veterans of our benefits, entitlements and services

~ Promoting positive images and public awareness of women’s contributions from all branches and eras of service

~ Embracing continued service to our communities and our nation through philanthropic projects

~ Cultivating leadership and professionalism within the military ranks and our communities


Military Women Strategic Alliance-Facilitates networking & information sharing with Veterans, Private, Gov’t & NGOs on issues important to Veterans, especially Women Veterans